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Dear visitor.

Welcome to my English landing page. Unfortunately, the rest of my web site is in Swedish. But don't worry, I'm fluid in english as well.

Therefore, I wish you would contact me if you need me to comunicate in english. The easiest way is to use the below contact form. But feel free to use my regular e-mail adress: kontakt@fotografanderses.se

You can also contact me through my Facebook page at


If you're here because you're intrerested in wedding photography, you can see some of my previous work here: Link to wedding photos

Otherwise, you should know I also do most kind of photography. Please let me know if I can help you with anything.


Anders E. Skånberg


If you'd like to book me, please tell me some of your thoughts about the session.

Photographer Anders E. Skånberg

Farkostvägen 6, 181 35 Lidingö

Phone : + 46 70 2334 534

E-mail: kontakt@fotografanderses.se